Thursday, June 19, 2008

Row 51 of WRS was knit this morning. There are 62 rows to each repeat, so I am nearly there... There being the end of the first repeat, not the whole thing. :-)

I have mentioned several times that I am working on my second Rhiannon sock. This is the project that rides the bus with me. It went to PA and went hiking with me, and it went to San Diego too. I haven't posted any photos of it because it is identical to the first sock. Today, though, I am posting a photo.
Just a reminder this is a cabled knee high sock. I am knitting it on size 0 needles. I expect that this will take quite awhile to finish. Since it is summer and not wool knee-high weather, I am not bothered by the time that this is taking.

I am blocking my Flower Basket Shawl today. Hopefully by the time i come home it will be dry, otherwise I am not sure how I will move it, but move it I will because my bed is serving as my blocking surface.
I hope you have a good day!


Anonymous Christine said...

Ah, but if you bust wahooey now, you'll have it done in time for the weather change!

8:18 PM  

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