Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lace & Stash

I have one more large vacation planned for this summer. I will be going to France in early August, for that reason I am not buying any yarn, at least not until I come back from that trip.

While I am on this yarn diet I will probably mostly be working on lace projects. This is because I seem to have accumulated a decent amount of lace weight yarn, and because I have a lace shawl on the needles that was started about 2 years ago. The Wedding Ring Shawl (WRS). 2 summers ago this was going to be my Amazing Lace project, I was going to make kick ass progress on it. I think I knit a whopping 20 rows then put it aside. Last fall I picked it up again. I was ready to whip it into submission, but it won the battle. My gossamer silk was a tangled mess, a long section somehow fell of the cone and knotted. I tried to get the knot out, but the knot got the better of me, and I broke the fine strand of silk. In despair I set the cone and the shawl aside again.
This year is going to be different, though. This year my desire to not buy yarn is going to win over the teeny tiny stitches. This year all of the socks that I have been knitting have gotten my fingers more accustomed to small needles, including size 0 needles. This year the bump in my inox join isn't going to frustrate me. This year I am not going to knit one row then set it aside for an unknown time frame (each time I set it aside I had to deal with the Inox join again). This past weekend, I knit over 10 rows of WRS. This morning I knit a row before getting ready for work. I can feel it, WRS's momentum is swinging! WRS probably won't get done this summer, but it will be worked on, that is my commitment to this project.
Among the other lace that I will be showing is my finished Flower Basket Shawl. The knitting on this is done, but it isn't blocked, so it hasn't been FO photo'ed yet. I still have plenty more of the yarn left, so it will be resurfacing in yet another shawl, probably some time relatively soon.
My Rhiannon socks are progressing. They are my commuting project so they regularly get worked on, though their progress isn't terribly exciting.



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