Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Another Skirt

My crafting time in CA was very skirt oriented. In addition to the sewn skirt that I showed off previously I mostly knit a skirt while there. I traveled to CA with my 6 skeins of Hemp for Knitting Hempton in pewter, and cast on for the Lacy Skirt with bows while K and I drove to San Luis Obispo. I managed to finish 99% of the skirt while I was there. I returned home with only a small amount of yarn left and with only the drawstring left to crochet.
I made some modifications to the pattern. The first and most significant modification was that the pattern was meant to be knit flat, I didn't see the point to that, so I knit the skirt in the round. I created faux seems on either side of the skirt though use of a purl stitch. The next mod dealt with gauge differences. The pattern called for a sport weight yarn, I used a DK weight, so I recalculated my decreases to create a fit that would work for me. I eliminated the bows and did not use a contrasting yarn for the draw string. I made my drawstring by holding to strands of Hempton together and doing a crochet chain until I ran out of yarn, my drawstring may not be as long as specified, but it is long enough to go around my waist and tie-which is all that matters.
Post vacation I have picked up Ornette again and finished the left toe, here it is:

That wraps it up for now.


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