Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Fluttering Along...

Flutter sleeve is slowly moving along. I managed to finish the left front this weekend. The button band is knit separately from the body and attached by a mattress stitch, which I found a bit annoying since I prefer to minimize seaming. At least though the seeming was fairly simple.
I like the way this cardigan is turning out. The color (which is not accurate in any of these photos) while not what I wanted for Erin is perfect for Flutter, summery and light. I now have only the right front, sleeve cuffs, and tabs to make.
In addition, I have decided that this cardigan will look very cute with the Lacy Skirt with Bows from Greetings from the Knit Cafe, which will be knit in pewter Hempton. I just received my Hempton today and photos will come eventually.

In addition to working on Flutter, I have started test knitting Ornette by Cookie A. I didn't have time to go buy some new sock yarn, so I reached into my stash and pulled out...
Fawn Knitpicks Essentials (expecting something fun and exciting? Sorry when I get fun and exciting I knit it up pretty quickly). So far, this has been a fun pattern to knit. I started with the left sock then decided I wanted to try the right one as well (we are only supposed to be knitting one, so I guess I am cheating).
Well, I guess that is about it. Have a good day!


Blogger arianna said...

Well, I think the Fawn is a perfect color choice for those socks - it allows you to really see the stitch definition and thus, importantly, the pattern itself. I think that color for that pattern is a very pretty choice! :)

2:31 PM  
Blogger Vegan Pi said...

pretty knits.

2:39 PM  

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