Thursday, May 01, 2008

Fluttering Along

Slowly but surely my Flutter Sleeve Cardigan is moving along. The back is finally off the needles. There is a nice little seed stitch detail up around the collar of the back. When I started this seed stitch section I thought I was nearly done, but the seed stitch section kept going and going (it felt like it took longer than it looks like it should have taken). After finishing the back I, of course, started the right front straight away. I am at about the midpoint of this front section and so far there is smooth sailing. I have some stitches on a holder/needle they will be knit latter up along the front borders.
The nice thing about this cardigan is that most of the sleeves get knit at the same time as the body, so once I have both front halves done there will only be a little knitting left. :-)


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