Thursday, April 17, 2008

Traveling Socks

I finished the second of my Mingus Socks last week and so needed to start a new traveling sock, so I pulled out some Knitpicks Essentials sock yarn that was given to me by C when she moved to CA and cast on for Rhiannon. Since I wasn't liking the way Erin was coming along this sock got more weekend knit time than would ordinarily be the case. I have finished the cuff:
and started on the calf, though I am not at the point of shaping yet, I am only about 2 1/2 inches into the calf/leg pattern and haven't made it beneath the section that would be covered by the cuff. I am using size 0 addi's for this sock, so it should be a time consuming project, which is fine since these are knee high socks and it is spring, so I won't be wearing them anytime soon.
This weekend these socks will have additional extra knit time since I will be traveling to PA via bus and don't feel like carrying home multiple skeins of Longmeadow and a copy of IK (Erin is not going to be done now, but the Flutter Sleeve Cardigan will be done in its place-photo to come next week)


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