Thursday, April 24, 2008

Flutter Sleeve with Longmeadow

You may remember a few posts back I started Erin, by Kim Hargreaves. I wrote that I didn't think that the color of Longmeadow that I bought on the Internet was what I wanted for that particular sweater and I was debating frogging and repurposing the yarn. I received a couple of comments supporting repurposing, and K also supported repurposing, and that was all it took. Erin is not being made right now, instead, the Flutter Sleeve Cardigan from the current IK is now on the needles. Flutter is kind of flying. I haven't spent much time working on Flutter, but that back is nearly done.

One of the cool things about this pattern is that the sleeves seem to be part of the front and back pieces instead of being separately knit. I hate having to knit sleeves.

My gauge isn't quite right for this, so I am compensating by making a larger size. The sweater has waist decrease and ribbing around the waist, so this could end up being very flattering (fingers crossed).

The color of my yarn doesn't really show true on my laptop screen (which is how I ended up choosing this color) but I think the color and the pattern match much better than this color and Erin, so I am happy with this project so far.

In all likelihood, this project won't get any attention this weekend because I am planning on going out to Bash Bish Falls for some hiking and backpacking. I am really looking forward to this trip, but I have to check out weather forecasts because I was just told that there is still feet of snow out in the Berkshires and I am not sure that I am prepared to sleep with snow still on the ground.


Anonymous Cora said...

Oh Bash Bish!! I was just telling a friend about it today!! It is one of favorite places. I think I took every unit of campers I had to Bash Bish. You must take and post pictures!!

8:24 PM  

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