Thursday, April 10, 2008

When Icarus became too big to be my commuting project I started a pair of sock. Cookie A's Mingus socks to be exact. Until this weekend the socks were knit exclusively when I was commuting or when I went out immediately after work and had reason to knit. This weekend that changed a bit, in part because I was nearing the toe on the first sock and in part because the project I started looked ugly and will probably be frogged very soon.
Since I was no longer only knitting the sock on the bus or the T, I was able to make some speedy progress. I don't yet have a pair, but I have turned the heel on my second sock.
I made one change to the pattern, I modified the toe a little, the original toe was just stockinette, I decided to continue the twisted rib through the toe. I am pleased with this change.
Oh, while I am on the subject of Cookie A socks, I was lucky enough to be part of the yahoo group of test knitters for this sock which I am totally excited about. Test knitting won't begin for awhile, but once it does I expect to be able to post progress shots here.


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