Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Long Weekend, Long Bus Rides

With yesterday being Patriots Day here in Massachusetts I had a three day weekend. I used this extra time off to go visiting family in PA, with the cost of gas quickly rising, and with a general disinclination to drive 5+hours I decided to leave the driving to Greyhound and to NJ Transit. All that bus riding meant that I had plenty of time to listen to my Ipod and to knit, and what better project to knit on then a knee high sock on size 0 needles.
I don't remember exactly how much of the sock was done before I left Boston but now I am almost ready to work on my heel flap, I expect that I managed to knit at least 10 inches of leg on this trip.

Unfortunately, I didn't actually look at the yardage requirement before starting this sock. I had 4 skeins of knit picks essentials and I just dove right in. Now I am nearly through 2 skeins and haven't started the foot of this sock, so I think I might need to find a fifth skein if I want a pair of these very warm, knee high, socks.


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