Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More Scraps

I have made more progress with scrap yarn. My Pirate hat is finished, I was able to use the lavender left over from my herringbone mitts for the hat liner (I forgot to take a photo of the lining, sorry).
On Friday I found myself taking a train from Boston to Philly. I knew that I would be returning to Boston on Saturday night. I needed a small project to keep me busy. My Pirate Hat wasn't done at that time, but I knew that it wouldn't be enough to keep me busy during my time away. My Evangeline weren't done (and still aren't) but again that wouldn't be enough. I could have brought both with me, but that would take up space that I didn't want to use, so I reached into my left over lace weight yarn and pulled out a 1/2 skein of black Misti Alpaca that I had left over from my Ethereal Fichu shawl and the pattern for Icarus and brought those with me on the train. I finished the half skein on the train ride home and on Sunday I joined the remaining skein that I owned. I don't think that 1 1/2 skeins will be enough to finish this shawl, but I figure that buying just one skein of black Misti Alpaca won't break the bank and that black should be easy to match. Much to my surprise I am enjoying the simplicity of this pattern, I have liked the FO very much since I first saw it, but I had been hesitant to make it, thinking that I would easily get bored with the body of the shawl. It is nice to see that I was mistaken.
Black yarn is not the best color choice for me. Sorry about the white cat hairs, Isis likes to seek immortality in yarn.


Anonymous Christine said...

Pirate hat? Yay!

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