Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A week has gone by and there has been some knitting here in Boston. During the week I began working on Celtic Icon from Inspired Cable Knits. I am using some Kathmandu DK, which I bought from Webs. Since the pattern was originally made using sport weight yarn, I have had to make some gauge modifications. I think the gauge mods I made for width are fine, I am now very concerned that my height gauge mod is wrong, my raglan shaping is already longer than the 8.5" that the pattern specified, so there may be frogging happening at my place tonight. I am also modifying this pattern to add waist shaping.

In addition to working on Celtic Icon, I managed to make my way over to Windsor Button and I bought the last skein of Cotton Fleece that I needed to finish my Dollar and Half Cardigan.

I am not unhappy with this sweater, despite my expression. It probably won't ever be one of my favorite sweaters, but it will definitely be worn.

Last thing: mom, this is a swatch for you, I will be or have already emailed the directions for the cable bit, and the original swatch is being sent to you.


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