Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What in the World?

So I used to get this magazine as a kid called "World". It was the kid's version of National Geographic, although it seems to have a new name. It had a section with close-up pictures of weird textures and asked the question, "What in the World?" You could write your answers on an index card and send them in for prizes.

Even at a young age, I knew I was not the winning kind. My name was never pulled in drawings; I never won raffles; etc. So why bother sending in my answers, right? Clearly I would never be the first with the right answers. You'd think I was a glass half empty kind of gal, which I'm not but that's beside the point. This picture reminds me of those pictures. It is one of my current WIPs, although it should be finished by the end of today.

It is a modified version of the Bobble Bag from this book. (hope that link works, if not the book is "One Skein".) The yarn is Reality by Artful Yarns in color 2397. It knits like a dream (made a baby blanket with it), but my crochet hook keeps splitting the yarn. Oh well, it's a fast project and is perfect for office knitting. Hopefully, I'll have finished pictures later this week.

Now here is the cutest thing ever. It's a kit to make any of the three pouches shown. It's by Pick Up Sticks and I grabbed it at Lori's Frames, Fibers and Frills in Alpine. It's going to be a shop sample for her, but I can't wait to open it and make it. The yarn looks similar to Cascade 220. Sorry for the poor color quality, but that's what you get at 6am before you leave for work.
And yes that is wine on the table and on the wall. If you live in So Cal, one must do as the So Cals do and that involves the consumption and collection of really good wine. We get so spoiled with the access that it amuses (translation: frustrates) us no end when we travel and look at California wine prices on menus. Outrageous mark-ups!! I guess it's a trade off, obscene mortgage, great wine prices - go figure!
And now I really must stop babbling and taking up your time. Thanks for the lovely comments on my first post and I hope to hear from you again. As my southern relatives and friends are fond of saying, "I'll talk at ya later."


Blogger Disentangled said...

Your comment about not being a "winning" kind of person made me giggle. I'm the exact way. I also consider myself generally a very positive person, yet know I just don't win things. Hmmm, maybe I should go and ask for my $2 back for tonight's lotto pool.

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