Thursday, February 22, 2007


Over 7 years ago I regularly went to a yoga class. Every Sunday I drove 20 or so minutes to the gym and spent an hour unwinding by doing yoga. After finishing law school I quit that gym and stopped going to yoga. Eventually, I bought myself a yoga mat. The yoga mat got used for sit ups and as a dust collector for years. About 2 weeks ago I went to a yoga class. My first in over 7 years. Finally, my mat was put to the use that it was designed. Since I was, 2 weeks ago, still on a yarn buying embargo, and since I finished the last sweater I could make using UFO or stash yarn, I decided to make a bag for my yoga mat. I know that there are good patterns out there for yoga mat bags, but I didn't want to follow any of them. I figured that this would be a good opportunity for me to use the Durrow cable by The Girl From Auntie. I liked the Durrow cable and wanted to try it for some time, but had no idea what I could use it for.

My first attempt at the yoga mat bag was close to an utter disaster. I started by just making the cable, using left over Sugar Plum Cotton-Ease, then for the body of the bag, I decided to use some bright red Lamb's Pride Bulky that I had planned to use on a different bag (it would have burned my eyes if I did the first bag). The reason I stopped work on this version wasn't the difference in the gauge between the Cotton-Ease (worsted) and the Lamb's Pride (Bulky) nor was it the fact that the colors clashed, not it was the fact that I didn't have enough of the Lamb's Pride (thank goodness for small favors).

When I saw that I was running out of yarn, I mentally scanned the yarn in my stash and decided that the multi-color, stranded knitting, bulky yarn bag I was going to do, would never be done, so I frogged it and took the purple yarn for my new bag.

The bag is knit using size 10, 16" addi turbo needles. The bottom of the bag is crocheted, I didn't have size 10 dpns and couldn't see buying any for this project. To make a strap for the bag, I increased near the bottom and moved the original stitches onto a holder then knit the increase stitches as part of the bag. Latter, I double knit the strap, then joined the top to the top of the bag by knitting 3 together.

For the top of the bag, I made a eyelet cable border through which I ran a crochet chain to create a way to close the bag.

It took about a weekend to make the bag and I am very pleased with the finished product.


Anonymous Hannah said...

Beautiful! Makes me want to start yoga :)
I too have a yoga mat/dust collector... Maybe I've just been inspired to do something with it!

9:56 AM  
Blogger arianna said...

glad to finally see it -- and i really like the choices you made (a perfect use for the cables, especially). it turned out beautifully.

10:12 AM  
Anonymous Lissy said...

Simply bril. I am, as always, in awe. I love the color (which is predictable since Christine says that when she thinks of me she thinks of purple). The cables are captivating and the overall design features so creative and functional and clever. I'm floored (no pun intended). Way to go.

10:13 AM  
Anonymous Cora said...

Love it! I really like the crochet bottom. Think I'll borrow that for my yoga bag. It seems much sturdier.

11:31 AM  
Anonymous Joanna said...

I've always wanted to put that cable onto something else too - you found a great solution! Love the details of the bag!

6:30 PM  
Blogger Theresa said...

Very clever!

1:54 AM  

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