Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Is It November Already?

My goal for the month of October was to finish the body of Joe's sweater to the armholes and one sleeve to the armholes. When, by October 10th, I was finished with all of that, I decided to amend my goal to include both sleeves. Well, I didn't quite make that - I'm short by 2 inches. I'm staring to get excited about this sweater. There's a chance I might actually finish it in time for Christmas!

In other news, I did end up skipping school last night to spend Halloween with my neice. I've been basically working on midterms for the last 10 days (I'm getting another one tonight that's due Monday), but I turned in the latest one yesterday at 4:30 and after that, I felt like I was ready for a break. Savannah was dressed in her Cinderella costume and looked adorable. It was well worth missing two lectures.

I wanted to clarify our contest a little bit. When we're asking you to guess the number of sweaters we've knit, we're including baby sweaters, tanks and long-sleeved adult sweaters.

When I was over at my mom's last night, I picked up the yarn that she bought for me to make Savannah a Trellis for Christmas. I think it will be a really good color for her. We've been trying to name the color and we can't quite seem to do it. Do any of you have an idea what the name of this particular shade of green is?

Christmas knitting is really starting to become pressing now, but not downright urgent. My usual pattern is to claim I'm going to take it easy this year and then, at the last minute, decide to knit a bunch of stuff. I'll try to refrain this year.


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