Thursday, November 02, 2006

Il Pleut

Four years of high school French has left me knowing that when it is raining, "il pleut". That is what is happening this morning. Of course my rain jacket was in the office, and not at home. My rain hat was safely with my rain jacket, so I (and one of the sweaters that I have finished since this blog started), have gotten a bit wet. Okay, enough whining, onto some knitting.

Despite the ankle of my Trekking sock being snug, I continued on with the sock and finished the first one. With the leg finished it doesn't feel as tight as I first thought it would be. I can't seem to get a good photo of the design in the sock. I made this sock with what I was calling a star toe, but which is, I guess, actually a pointed toe. I continued the increases until there were 9 stitches per increase section. Then I found 2 nine stitch patterns that I alternated across the foot then eventually up the leg. One nine stitch pattern is a coin/cable pattern and the other creates a zig-zag ribbon design. I ended with a simple 1x1 ribbed cuff. I am tired of this sock, which I knit on size 0 US needles, so I don't know when the second one will be made. Fortunately, I already have a couple other socks in the queue, so by the time I roll back to this, it will be fresh again (hopefully!)


Blogger Theresa said...

The advantage to having so many things on the needles or in the queue is that there's always something 'new'!

11:15 PM  
Anonymous Lissy said...

I look forward to seeing them in person. Or rather, "it." Can you bring it along on Saturday? The last time I saw it the pattern wasn't obvious to me yet. Also, I want to see your CTH ones as well! You're my sock role model. ;)

12:37 AM  
Anonymous amanda cathleen said...

*L* I love your philosophy! knit the first sock, then pick up a different sock that needs a mate. Always something new! *L* Love the pink you used for your sock, and the cable pattern : )

9:49 AM  

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