Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sleeves, sleeves all the time

I wanted to show you what I've decided to do with the hem facings on Avast. I am very pleased with the touch of color that Plumberry provides.
I hope you can see the contrast with the black background. My other choice was a beige background, neither of which shows the color very well. Here's what it looks like from what right side:

I think it's a nice touch. I plan on putting contrasting facings on all edges, including the zipper facings and the bottom hem. My October goal was to finish one sleeve up to the raglan shaping, and I'm only two inches away from that, so I'm thinking of adding another sleeve to the goal.

A finished Thuja:

I think I'm happy with it overall.

Right now, I'm working on the last sleeve for Bristow and it may kill me. Sleeves have been known to completely derail sweaters in the past, but I refuse to let it happen this time. Hopefully finished sleeve photos on Friday.


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