Friday, October 06, 2006

New UFO's and no FO's

I had planned to have a post today of a finished Somewhat Cowl. Unfortunately, it turned out rather disappointing, and needs some more work yet. I did wear it though - it wasn't that bad, but the short rows on the sleeves did NOT work out at all and need to be ripped back and redone, and I've decided that the cowl does indeed look better tacked down on the inside. In addition, the yarn grew an astonishing amount during the blocking process so it turned out too big despite all of my efforts ot make a sweater that actually fit. I seem destined to make things that don't fit no matter what I do, so I'll embrace it and just knit for the process. The finished product never seems to work out too well.

I have made some decent progress on my husband's Christmas sweater. No, I'm not making him a fair isle monstrosity out of kelly green and red with intarsia reindeer. But it WILL be a Christmas present. I am making him Avast out of Nature Spun in Ash. Here is the entirety of my progress so far:

I've decided that this sweater has to be done by December 1st in order to have time to order the zipper and have it professionally installed, so I have a couple of intermediate goals. I need to have the body up to the armholes and one sleeve up to the armhole shaping done by the end of the month. Doesn't seem too daunting, does it?

I also started Arisaig for myself. I did some swatches on Wednesday, both for the lace pattern and the ribbing because my gauge was so wonky. The pattern calls for a US 2 but I only have an Addi 2. I don't really want to use another brand of needles, and I DON'T want to knit the ribbing on a size 0 (urgh), so I'm going with what I've got and making a sweater the next size down. We'll see how it works out. Here's the lace pattern in my yarn of choice - Elann's Baby Silk.

I was very daunted by this sweater, thinking that it would take me forever because it's made out of fingering weight yarn, but I'm very pleased with how quickly it's knitting up. This yarn is very soft - I feel like I'm knitting an angora bunny instead of a sweater.

Finally, the winner of the drawing for the Debbie Bliss Cotton DK in seafoam green is..........

...........................flwrhead! Email me at to give me your mailing address and claim your prize!


Anonymous Marisa said...

You are going to have the zipper professionally installed?!? Does that mean by you, or (I'm hoping) you take it somewhere in S.D. to have it done?? I have two (!) zippers that I need to put in on my DH's sweater...

12:26 PM  
Blogger flwrhead said...

Hooray! Thanks so much! I just sent you an email with my addy. :o)

2:09 PM  
Anonymous amanda cathleen said...

sorry to hear bout your somewhat cowl. Your hubby's sweater looks like its off to a great start! : D

4:51 PM  

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