Thursday, October 12, 2006


This weekend I will be participating in the NYC MS Ride. I plan on riding 60+ miles. I did the ride last year and it was a challenge, but was fun, you get to ride your bike through the Lincoln Tunnel (very cool). One thing this means is that I will finally get to meet my newest cousin, who lives in Brooklyn. Ages ago I wrote about the baby blanket that I was making for him, well I finished the blanket before he was born, but I never quite got around to going to the post office (next door to my office) to mail it out. Since I will finally be meeting the little guy, I am going to be hand delivering the finished blanket.
The other photo here is of Ballyriche (misspelled) which is Eunny's cabled sock. The yarn is actually more brown and less grayish than it looks in this picture.


Anonymous Lissy said...

That sock is divine. Truly. And in fact, it would look good in that grey yarn you recommended to me for the socks I'm working on. Gotta add that to the list of socks I hope to make some day (with your expert guidance, naturally). You did a lovely job. Have fun meeting your cousin and biking. I'll say a biking prayer for you. ;)

10:55 PM  
Anonymous amanda cathleen said...

maybe you where never ment to mail his blanket, but to give it to him in person! I'm loven the cables on your sock! It looks great.
Enjoy your bike ride. I'll be rooting for you from PA! : )

9:28 PM  

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