Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Blogiversary Party!

We here at the Purly Gate have had our first blogiversary this past weekend. In the twelve months that we have been blogging there has been a lot of knitting going on, both in San Diego, and in Boston. Some of it has been good, some has been disasterous. How much knitting exactly has been going on? Well, we have knit about 16 pairs of socks since starting the blog, and that is just a part of the knitting. We have both knit sweaters, shawls, scarves, hats, mittens, and other miscellaneous stuff.

We have each made an attempt to design something, though, no sweaters from The Purly Gate have been finished quite yet. I have, however, written up the pattern for the red sock that I made, and you can get the pattern here. To the first person who successfully follows the pattern, makes a pair of my socks, and sends me a photo or a link to a photo of the finished pair will be some replacement sock yarn (I will, within reason, let you choose the type of sock yarn). Warning though, the pattern hasn't been test knit and I have never written a pattern before. Email me with any questions.

In honor of our blogiversary we have another contest for you! The challenge, guess how many sweater's K & I have finished since we started the blog. The prize will be one skein of olive lacey lamb (you may recoginize the yarn name from my recently finished shawl, yes it is the same yarn, same color) One skein has 825 yards, so it should be enough to make a lace project. Leave your guess in the comments, and the person who is closest will get the yarn. In the event of a tie, there will be a drawing to select the winner.


Blogger knittingajour said...

Hi from the netherlands,
I think its: 1. (one).

4:24 PM  
Blogger Theresa said...

Short-sleeved sweaters count, right? I guess 5.

8:24 AM  
Blogger Disentangled said...

Wow, this is a tough one given that K is a virtual knitting machine. But, sweaters? If you are talking about what is typically thought of as sweater (not summer tops), I would say maybe 6. But if you are including all knitwear tops completed surely that has to be closer to 15. I'm probably cheating, but I'll let you girls pick either as my answer based on what your intention was :-)

9:53 AM  
Blogger Melissa said...

hmmm... i'm gonna go with a higher #, if we're talking all knit tops- 20. If its just real long sleeve keep you toasty warm seaters- I'll say 10.

Happy Blogiversary!!

1:35 PM  
Blogger Heide said...

11 sweaters! Did I win? Was I close? Happy Blogiversary.

7:00 PM  
Anonymous Not Hip said...


7:13 PM  
Anonymous Lissy said...

I think it is 16 sweaters. You too are prolific, rockin' knitters. I don't really want the prize if I win, but I wanted to guess, so if I get it, I'll give it away as another door prize at knit night. Sharing the love.

Happy blogiversary to both of you.

12:40 AM  
Blogger ikkinlala said...

I'll guess 13.

Happy blogiversary!

6:32 PM  
Blogger miss88keys said...

I love entering contests. I'll have to host one for my blogiversary too!

I like lucky number 27.


1:30 AM  

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