Saturday, October 28, 2006

It may have come on the back of a pony, but... Skye Tweed finally arrived yesterday! I just have one question. How does UPS survive providing such subpar service, when the post office does it cheaper and faster? You know you've got problems when your company can't compete with a government agency. But anyway...

Here it is! Giselle was busy checking it out to make sure it isn't going to explode. She's like a bomb-sniffing cat apparently. I've already knit a swatch with it and I really like the way it knits up. It's kind of rustic, in a way. Of course, tweed tends to be that way anyway. It's not silky soft, but it's got that comfortable, lived-in quality. It's a lovely yarn, and I think the color is gorgeous! Good purchase, I'd say. I saw that WEBS still has this yarn on closeout, so what you waiting for?! Buy some!!

In other knitting news, I've been working on a sweater of my own design for my neice. I'm making it out of Classic Elite Flash, one of my favorite yarns for kid's clothes. Since the yarn is so busy, I wanted the sweater to be as simple as possible. I'm making what is supposedly a 2T size but it looks like it would fit a petite woman. We'll see. This yarn stretches like mad, too, but little kids can get away with baggy sweaters - no hips or bulges to worry about.

So far, I've done the body up to the sleeves and one sleeve. It's a top-up no-sew raglan with hem edgings. I'm pleased with the results so far. The yarn does most of the work anyway. I think it will look really cute with jeans.

Speaking of Savannah...

Halloween is on Tuesday night. It has never been one of my favorite holidays - the whole costume/dressing up thing never really lit my fire. When it comes to Savannah, though, I can get more into it. I really want to see her costume, but the problem is, I have class on Tuesday night. My classes are really hard (I worked on the same problem for 9 hrs yesterday) and I'm no genious. I'm very hesitant to miss class, but you don't get this time back, ya know? Before I know it, she'll be a teenager and I'll have missed these first few precious years. What do you guys think?


Blogger miss88keys said...

That's a tough one! My opinion is you should be there for her in every way you CAN, but you can only do what you can do. Make a decision that you feel the best about.

Down the road if you feel you made the wrong choice, just remember:

"I did the best I knew at the time, and when I knew better, I did better"

6:15 PM  
Blogger Theresa said...

I hate UPS. Have you ever had to drive down to that holding center in Chula Vista? It's like 40 minutes from San Diego. Crazy.

12:11 AM  

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