Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Return to the World

Hello again! I feel as if I dropped off the face of the planet for a week. We got a verdict on Friday (we won!) and then I slept for most of the weekend. I gave some thought to doing something outdoorsy and active, but my desire to veg and sleep overcame, and I left the apartment only once on Saturday and once on Sunday. I got some knitting done between naps this weekend.

I wrote a much longer post, but the phones and internet in my office have basically been down since Friday. We had internet this morning but it disappeared after I added a couple of photos of my sock and before I saved the post. Now it is after 2 pm and I am sitting outside on our office fire escape connected to the internet through a precarious wireless conection from God know where. All I can think is "What must clients think" after all, anyone trying to call us over the past 3 business days has gotten busy signals. Not even our voice mail. Our phone company is blaming Verizon for the problem, but no one knows when it will be fixed. --Our phones and internet are up and running again!

on Friday (a very good day) after waiting for the jury to give us the verdict (I knit some while waiting) I came back into the office to drop off my computer and to change out of the suit, and my sock yarn from Mama-E was here! Here it is all nicely wound and ready to become a pair of Hedera, which I think I will have to modify a bit because my gauge is tighter than the called for gauge. The yarn is lovely and so incredibly soft. I just can't wait to get started using it.

Finally, My Sock, version 2.0 (true name to come latter): A couple of Saturdays ago I decided that I was in the mood for some red socks. I dragged a couple of my fell North End Knitters to Windsor Button in search of the right color, which I didn't find. That night I went to Circles. Ideally I wanted some Fleece Artist sock yarn, but since Allison had gotten a shipment of it in several weeks ago, and since it sells out so quickly, my chances of finding what I wanted were similar to a snowball's chance in hell. I looked at the sock yarn in Circles and sure enough, nothing was right. I ended up talking to Jenn C and Allison, describing what I was looking for, and Jenn C told me about the Fleece Artist yarn that was just the right color, and told me that it was up front, Allison meanwhile had gone to get me the skein. The yarn was almost completely perfect. The only issue I had was the orange in the skein. In my eagerness to try the Fleece Artist yarn I set aside my concerns about orange and bought the skein. I had no clear idea of what pattern I wanted to use with this yarn, so I decided to create my own. This is a toe up sock with a gusset and heel stitch heel flap. I have two separate lace patterns on the sock, one 17 stitch pattern that runs up the foot and continues up the front of the leg, and goes up the back of the leg, and a smaller 8st lace pattern that runs up the side of the leg. Rather than doing a traditional cast off, I modified a picot cast off to create a scallopy top. Photos to come latter!


Anonymous Lissy said...

Congrats on your verdict. Good for you for knitting while you wait! And how about those red socks? Tee hee! Just some baseball humor. :)

4:56 PM  
Anonymous Jenn C said...


So happy to see the yarn go to a good home and get knit right away instead of buried in my stash somewhere.

7:44 PM  

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