Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Photo-less post

Yes, indeedy, I'm having that kind of week. I had a great post planned today to show photos of the positively wonderful, generous, creative gifts that my Secret Pal 7, Mama-E sent me. I had them aesthetically perched on my couch for their close-up, a la De Mille, but just when I was ready to snap the picture, my camera went black. No more juice - battery dead. I was frustrated and crestfallen, just like yesterday when I took a few precious moments away from my aerodynamics project to sneak up to Knitting in La Jolla for a little treat...and it was closed! On a Tuesday! For no apparent or obvious reason! I'm definitely cursed this week. So, I promise to post photos of my fabulous gifts soon, hopefully later today if my project doesn't kill me first.

Starsky update: I'm 13 inches into the back. I'll probably get past the beginning of the armholes today. I've barely had any time to knit this week because school has been C-R-A-Z-Y, so at least this is knitting up quickly so far, or else I'd be miserable. How are all you other Starsky knitters out there doing?

Re: the pattern error I posted about last time, I was referring to an error in the Blue Sky Alpacas pattern I linked to, not the Starsky pattern. There may very well be an error in the Starsky pattern, but since I'm modifying it, I wouldn't know. However, the measurements for the tank are totally off because the design is based upon a gauge of 4 sts/in instead of the 4.5 sts/in stated in the pattern. The final measurements are rather drastically affected by this error.



Blogger Knitting Painter Woman said...

At least when your LYS is closed you are still in LaJolla!! Hey, I'd settle for the North End. When mine is closed I'm in Texas. Hot. Try. and mostly a Red State. *sigh*

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