Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Knitzalot's Coming to Boston! (maybe)

Mercifully, my Spring Break is coming up next week, and I had originally planned to go on a little getaway with my husband to San Luis Obispo. You know, check out a winery (or two or three), have some good food, stay at a little B & B. But, it wasn't to be. I found out today that he can't get any time off of work next week. I was really disappointed because I was looking forward to a nice, relaxing vacation. It might not all be for not, though, because J was kind enough to invite me to stay with her for a few days. Normally, this would not be possible because I would feel too guilty to spend money on a trip, since I'm a student these days and not bringing in any bacon. BUT, it's tax time, so we've got a big refund coming, and my mom has a free airline ticket I can use. SO, barring any scheduling difficulties with the airline, I should be coming to Boston next week! Even though it's not final, I can't help getting excited. I'm definitely regretting not knitting any wool sweaters lately. I've been on a total cotton binge. Since I'm going somewhere cold, finishing Sam isn't as critical, but I am still working on it. I've finished the collar and I cast on the sleeves today. I knit about 2 inches or so and ran out of steam. I'm getting really bored with it. Thankfully, I'm close enough to finishing that I won't abandon it.

Back to wool clothing, or lack thereof. Even though I'm a knitter, I am woefully short of cold weather gear. Could this be because I live in a place where the average daytime temperature is 70 degrees? To gear up, I've decided to knit myself a pair of mittens and a hat before I arrive in New England. Can it be done? I believe it can without too much difficulty. After all, I have roughly 6-7 hours of travel time (I call it knitting time). Of course, since I'm terrified of flying, I'll be boozing it up in the airport. But I digress. Anyway, I'm planning on making the Urban Necessities mittens from Magknits in some Cascade 220 I have lying around in my stash. I've already got 2 inches of the ribbing done. I actually don't have enough to finish the mittens, but I've got other yarn in a similar color I can use in a pinch, or I may do a different color to coordinate with my Oscar scarf. I'm also going to make Odessa. I figure I'll be a vision in wool with my fabulous new accessories! Looks like Magknits is really coming through for me this time. In fact, it looks like I'm knitting things designed only by Boston designers. How appropriate!

Speaking of designers, has anyone seen the new Knit Simple? There's a design by Jordana Paige, designer of Starsky. It's really cute, and I'm definitely going to make it over the summer. It's the blue and white striped tank under the "It's a Shore Thing" section. I'd lose the stripes, but I think Shine would make a lovely yarn substitution.

There's also apparently a Starsky knitalong. I think I have decided on my cabling after staring at a woman's sweater in the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Luckily she didn't have me arrested. She probably thought I was psychotic. But, it was worth it because I have a cable motif in mind. I'm having trouble deciding on a color of Sierra. Allison, I agree with you that the Natural is tempting and Jen, the Cranberry is lovely. I'm torn between several. Hopefully, I'll decide soon.


Blogger lobstah said...

Ugh, I hate flying too. I am taking 2 plane trips in the next six months and I'm trying to relax about it. Hopefully bringing some knitting will help (I didn't knit yet the last time I flew).

9:43 AM  
Anonymous Cora said...

I love the cold weather accessories you've chosen, especially the spiral hat by Grumperina. I too am in a dilemma about the color of my Starsky. I found a possible sub yarn at elann that comes in a yummy mocha color. It's the peruvian chunky. Is anyone up for checking out The Grove's sale on Sat and maybe a Rebecca's scone?

12:33 PM  
Anonymous allison said...

it's done. I have ordered my yarn for Starsky. I really agonized over the color before deciding that I am just boring and went with the natural. Should get it in plenty of time to start on the 1st.

Speaking of which... are we going to get together to hang out and knit that day?

Wish I could hit the Grove sales, but I am supposed to be on a yarn diet! (oh... what's that honey? the cream yarn? no! it's not new! it's been in my stash for months and months!) So, no yarn shopping for me. Plus, I am committed to actually finishing some projects before buying more yarn. (This logic is baffling to me, but I am trying to embrace it.)

Has anyone seen Susan?? I left a message for her the other day, but haven't seen or spoken to her. :(

K- am jealous of your trip!

5:43 PM  

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