Thursday, March 02, 2006

Just Something About Hand Knits

If you are reading this you know the joy and pleasure of hand knit garments. I don't really have to tell you, but I will anyway. I haven't been seriously knitting for all that long, less than 2 years, but in a typically obsessive fashion I have delved in whole hearted. I have made several sweaters, several pairs of socks, hats, scarves, mittens, and shawls. If I had my way I would wear hand knit every day of the week. There is something about walking outside with a sweater that you have made with nothing but yarn, your hands, and some pointy sticks that leaves you feeling like you have a protective shield around you. Surely nothing can possibly go wrong when I am wearing an Aurora 8 hooded jacket, can it? Most of my knitting has been for myself. Perhaps I am selfish, but I don't know that anyone who doesn't knit will get the same sense of peace and security from my hand knits that I do. I first seriously picked up knitting for its practical aspects. Previously, I needlepointed, but that was expensive, and not very practical, after all, I live in a small North End apartment, what am I supposed to do with a bunch of needlepointed pictures or pillows? Crochet didn't really work for me either because I only crocheted afghans, and how many afghans can one person use? With knitting I can create garments that I can actually use and wear. I can make sweaters and scarves and even socks! Because I am often cold, this seemed perfect for me. At some point in time, however, I discovered lace. Now I love making lace, it is soothing and challenging for me at the same time, not to mention that when you are done you have an amazingly delicate fabric that is very impressive to look at. This is bad however because I have fallen back into impractical ways, after all, what am I supposed to do with a Shetland Wedding Ring Shawl made from gossamer silk (I will be casting on on Sunday!). Madli will be my 4th shawl, what does one person do with 4 shawls? I also have a stash of lace weight yarn and want to buy more. Unfortunately, practicality has never really worked for me.

So, why am I babbling on about hand knits and shawls? Well, I have been bad. Not terribly bad, I haven't bought more yarn, just brioche bad. I still haven't picked it up again. I have continued to work on Madli, but the progress isn't photo worthy. I also have made some progress on my second sock, so I will leave you with that picture:


Blogger Christine said...

You know, some projects are meant to be UFOs. In fact, some projects are begging to be made into little balls of yarn; they need to be put out of their misery. It's not lack of will-power or resilience as a knitter, but an act of kindness to the poor, unloved project that jsut might be much happier in it's next incarnation.

10:19 AM  
Blogger bitterknitter said...

We will make our Wedding Ring Shawls and wear them proudly! Somewhere...maybe where there isn't any dirt, or anything for them to snag on, or wind to blow them away, or...

For the few lace shawls that you've knit, you've done lots of practical knitting too! Plus shawls don't use up a lot of storage area, so I'm sure that you've got plenty of space for lots more.

8:30 AM  
Anonymous Lissy said...

I love dem sox.

6:18 PM  

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