Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Bi-Color Brioche Tutorial, Part IV

Last night I actually picked up my bi-color brioche again and did 2 complete rows (each knit 2x). As a result, I have Part IV of the Tutorial for you. This part deals with working CC on Wrong side rows. This row is worked similarly to the MC on the Right Side. You will be slipping every MC stitch in the row. To slip this stitch you will first bring your CC yarn from the back to the front. You will then insert your right hand needle purlwise into the MC stitch and pass it from the left needle onto the right and you will bring your CC over top and back around to the back.
After you have successfully slipped the MC stitch from your left needle onto the right needle you will next confront a CC stitch. You will knit this stitch together with the MC yarn over that had been created during the last row. You will now alternate slipping the MC stitches (with a YO being created) and knitting the CC stitches together with the MC YO already on the needles.

This together with Part I, Part II, and Part III are the steps used to create the bi-color brioche fabric. After you have completed this CC row you will slide the stitches around your circular needle and bring them back onto the lefthand needle where you will pick up the loose MC yarn and follow the instructions from Part I to complete the row. Part II and Part III follow and then you repeat the 4 rows until you have achieved the length you want.

On Thursday I have much non-brioche progress to report and show! Have a good one!


Blogger Ale said...

I understand everything except the cast on and first row part... do you have pictures of that?? I think I have done the cast on right but I'm not sure if I should start with the MC purl or knit...

Help!! I will really like to get this done.


5:54 PM  

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