Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bi-Color Brioche, Part II

Now that you have cast on and finished the MC Wrong Side row, we will begin a Right Side row. First you use your CC to go across your row
On RS rows you will be purling your CC and knitting you MC (on 2nd pass at row). When you come to a MC stitch you must first bring the yarn to front as demonstrated here. Next you insert your needle so that you are slipping the MC stitch as if to purl. After you have slipped the MC stitch, you must bring your CC over the stitch and to around your knitting (sorry this photo is a bit blurry) bring the yarn back around to the front so that it is ready to purl the next stitch. Next you are at you CC stitch, this stitch you purl together with a yo from the previous row. This should feel pretty similar, it is essentially what you do with the MC on WS Rows.
The right you see the needle going through both a CC purl and a MC YO. With your needles positioned like this you will purl the stitch. After that stitch has been purled you will go back to the directions for how to slip you MC stitches. Continue rotating the purl and slip stitch until you come to the end of a row.
On Saturday I will explain Right Side Rows, MC, which involves knitting your MC stitches.

With respect to my KO progress, I am still working on the front of the sweater but am on the raglan shaping, however, the front is off the needles. It isn't done, but I had to take it off the needles because I messed up the raglan shapping. Clearly I will not be medaling in this event. On a happier note, I am finished my first sock, and have done a couple of rows on my VK Shawl and The F-word shawl (fichu)


Blogger Christine said...

Yay! A sock!

What were some of the patetrns you came across with brioche in them? Or did you chose the sweater, then realize it was brioche?

10:58 AM  

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