Saturday, February 25, 2006

Bi-Color Brioche, Part III

Back again with more bi-color brioche lessons for you. Today we are working on MC, Right Side rows, here we will use the knit stitch for the first time in these lessons. Since the last thing we did was work with CC across the row, you must first slide your stitches around so that all stitches are on your left needle. Your MC yarn after working the CC row should have been left behind at the starting point for that CC row, by slipping the stitches around from your right needle back to the left you are positioning you works so that the MC is now in the typical starting position. When you come to a CC stitch, the stitch will be slipped from your left needle to the right needle, purlwise. Before you slip your stitch, though, you want to bring your yarn forward, to the front of your piece, as demonstrated to the left. Next you will be knitting your MC stitch. Notice that your MC working yarn is to the front one stitch to the right of the stitch that you are knitting. That is fine, this is where your working MC yarn should be. You are going to knit the MC stitch together with the CC yarn over, so you will slide your right needle through the closest leg of the CC yarn over and, at the same time, slide it through the MC stitch as you normally would to knit. With the needles in position like this you will bring your working MC yarn over the CC stitch and use the working yarn to complete your MC knit stitch. After finishing your knit stitch you will have a CC stitch next up on your left needle. Bring your yarn to the front and slide that stitch purlwise as described above. Continue to knit your MC stitches together with CC yarn overs and to slip your CC stitches creating YOs for the rest of the row.

Now for my personal KO news, no surprise, I won't be getting a gold. I have made absolutely no progress since my last post. Actually, last night I did put the stitches back on the needles, but I did nothing more. Since Gold is out of reach for m, though not for K, and not for many other KOlympians, I have decided to change my goal. My new goal is to finish the VK shawl, but not necessarily block it, before the flame goes out. This is not a goal to earn a medal, I am out of contention on that one entirely, this is just an attempt to get me to finish the thing. I have about 10 8 row repeats left plus the border. I don't think it is an impossible goal, though I did the math and have 5,600 stitch left just to finish the repeats.

Final note to all you cat owners out there, if you cat decides to do this:

Stop her or him. She make look adorable, sweet, and innocent, but what she is really doing is holding down some keys on your keyboard, turning on or off things you didn't know where on or off and generally setting your post back about 15 minutes, there is, after all, a reason that keyboards aren't used s pillows. But ain't she sweet?


Blogger Disentangled said...

Glad you found a substitute project and I'm sure you will be able to get it done :-) And the kitty picture - too cute!

9:15 PM  
Blogger knitcake said...

I love it, Metro does the computer thing as well. He likes to do it slowly, first just on the desk, then next to the computer, and then the stretch and moving onto the keyboard. I think the stretching is fake, a ploy so I might not realize he's about to ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; on my blog.
Thanks for the Brioche tutorial, very cool.
Seems to me even if BiColor Brioche is not finished you've still reached the goal of learning a new technique.

10:22 PM  
Anonymous Lissy said...

I'm glad you're doing this online brioche lesson. but I'm still going to need a one on one on accounta I so slow and touched in the head.

Love that Isis foofy poofy. She can do whatever she wants, as far as I think.

2:46 PM  

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