Tuesday, March 14, 2006

K Made it Safely to Boston!

I have a visitor at home. Now I will have someone to bear witness to Isis going nuts in the morning because she has never ever been so hungry in her entire life (or at least since I made it home the evening before), alternatively, I will have a few days of peaceful rest while Isis behaves for company. So, I know you are DYING to know what I have planned for K while she is here, well for starters, I plan on dumping her in the North End while I work several days (including today). Tonight I am gathering my North End knitting friends together for dinner in Chinatown, if you live in Boston and want to join, feel free! The restaurant is kind of TBD (largely because I am not much of a planner) so the plan is to meet at the Boston Beanstock in the North End (on Salem St) at about 6 pm. If you want to join but don't want to trek to the N.End drop me an email at thepurlygate@gmail.com. Tomorrow I will be taking the day off, though, and we will go to Webs, in the evening the coffee shop for s'nb. Thursday, I will be working, but we will go to Circles for the Thursday night salon. Friday, I have court in the am, and if K hasn't hit all the Boston yarn stores on an independent crawl, we will do a little yarn crawl until I have to leave for a meeting in Newton. I am really not much of a hostess, am I?

In my knitting news, Madli is done!!! On the left is the preblocked entire piece. This was a quick lace piece. I modified the pattern to get rid of the "nups" (essentially bobbles) that were scattered around. I just wasn't into knitting 7 together. The stats:
Yarn: Helen's Laces--Georgetown colorway
Needles: size 5 Lantern Moon
Pattern: Madli's Shawl, Nancy Bush, Interweave Knits, Fall 2004 (I think)
Start date: 2/26/06
End date: 3/12/06

I have started the cardiganized version of Rogue, and, due to stupidity, have had to tear out the pockets 2 times. I am making progress on it though. On the Wedding Ring Shawl, I did 3 rows on Sunday, and that was enough for one day (MAN that yarn is TINY).

Finally, fellow N.End knitter, Lissy, made me a pair of socks from Lorna's Laces. The pattern is from the Sock Bug, the colorway is Grey's Corner. I was lucky to get them, I have big feet, so they fit! After my sock is done I am going to make a pair of socks for Lissy. It is fun to be doing this little mini sock exchange thing.


Blogger lobstah said...

Madli is stunning. I just love the colors!
Your cat is so beautiful!

9:02 AM  
Anonymous Cora said...

Love the shawl, the colors are so pretty.
I'm so jealous of your trip to North Hampton, one of my fav places! Hope you guys have fun.

11:40 AM  
Blogger Christine said...

Full-on Isis portrait: nice.

Nice shawl, too. Are you wearing that tonight?

12:11 PM  
Anonymous Amanda Cathleen said...

wow! madli was done fast! Your going to have a ton of fun at Webs!! There is also a nice little yarn shop up the road called Northampton Wools. Have fun!! : D

9:18 PM  
Anonymous Lissy said...

The sox look great on you. Glad they fit so well. The shawl is beautiful as well.

10:50 PM  

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