Friday, February 17, 2006

Dream the Impossible Dream

Last night, I FINALLY finished the sleeves on my Olympic Sweater. Strange as it may seem, I actually felt like an Olympic athlete, powering through pain and fatigue. My wrists and hands were so tired by the time I got to the sleeve capping that I could barely make a few stitches at a time without needing to rest. The whole time, I felt pain, tingling and weakness in my lower arms and wrists. I wanted to quit, but I powered through. I had a goal and I wanted to reach it. So, just as the last figure skater spun his last spin, I cast off my last stitch - like brothers in arms we went, achieving our Olympic Dream.

Of course, although he knows his fate, I do not. I have more events ahead, i.e. The Sweater Front Luge and The Seaming Downhill and The Neckband Freeskate. My final score has yet to be tallied. But alas, here they are, in all their glory. Who knew I had an inner athlete?

Today when I get back from school (after what will be a really difficult exam this morning), I will tackle the front. I ripped back my mistake to the end of the ribbing, so I still need to go through with a crochet hook and make sure the 2-2-3-2 pattern of the ribbing is correct before I can go on and do the cable portion. I think I will finish on time, but I have to say that this sweater is taking far more time than I thought it would. It's really a simple sweater but the ribbing and cabling slow me down so much and cause such stress in my wrists. I think I will really like the final product, but I can't wait to be finished. Naturally, I'm already planning my next project.


Blogger amanda j said...

I have been having some stange tingling down the left side of my back. Can we justify time off work for Olympic knitting?

7:18 AM  

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