Saturday, February 18, 2006

Photos with Captions, little to no text

<-My personal Olymic Coach telling me that I don't have to work on Bicolor Brioche, but I certainly am not allowed to get up to get another project.

One finished bi-color brioche back (see I told you I finished the back)

<--First N.End Knitter to finish her challenge (sorry for cropping out your head, I had to blast the lighting on photoshop to show the sweater details, which wasn't very flattering to facial features)

Summary of my party last night, flowers from Lissy, Pastries from Mara, tea, and martinis. Apparently I am also auditioning to be a photographer for IK, notice my focus isn't quite where you would expect or perhaps where it should be?

Finally my own pathetic progress on my Olympic Knitting project


Anonymous Lissy said...

Thanks for posting the pic of the flowers. I was able to show them to Gary. :)

11:34 PM  

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