Monday, February 20, 2006

Bi-color Brioche Tutorial. Part 1?

Because I have made little progress on the brioche since Saturday, I decided to try giving a basic tutorial in bi-color brioche knitting. At the end of this post will be a poll. Be sure to vote to let me know if I should continue.
First, the glossary:

Now you have the very, very basic. I am not going to show you pictures casting on or the first rows (I am still on the front, I can add photos when I start the sleeves). Briefly, to start you cast on (choose your method), using either circular needles or dpns with MC and then slide the stitches back to your left needle, join your CC and knit every other stitch. The stitches that you don't knit are slipped purlwise with a YO extending over and around them (photos of this to come latter). After you finish the entire row you again slide all stitches around the needles and back onto your left hand needle. You will now work on the row again using your MC. Now I can start using photos to demonstrate:

Using MC on WS rows you will purl all MC stitches and slip all CC stitches. The slipped stitch is created by having your yarn in the front of your work (facing you) and slipping the stitch purlwise. After the CC stitch has been moved to the right needle you will bring your yarn around the needle and back the front, leaving it positioned for the next purl.

Each MC purl is created by purling the MC stitch together with the CC YO created in the previous pass through the row. Purl the way you ordinarily would, make sure that your yarn is back towards the front of you and slip the next CC stitch as described above. Repeat these two moves for the rest of the row.

On Thursday, if you are interested, CC on Right Side Rows. Let me know if you are or are not interested in my continuing with this by voting below, thank you:

Should the Bi-color Brioche tutorial continue
Yes, This is helpful
No, this is boring or unintelligible
I really could not care less
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Blogger Christine said...

I vote:

"Wha? Am I supposed to understand this first thing in the morning? Where's my coffee?"


9:40 AM  
Blogger flwrhead said...

I cannot tell you how timely this is. Monday night, I sat down with several pages of internet instructions, the IK issue featuring the brioche stitch, a glass (or two) of wine, yarn and needles. I could NOT get this stitch! I went over and over it. I cursed. I pet the yarn lovingly. Nothing worked. I resigned myself to the thought that I'd have to take a class or private lesson to learn brioche.

Now I'm going to try, try again - thanks!

2:53 PM  
Blogger Amber Nicole Patrick said...

This is so great. Thank you so much for posting. I'm still confused as to how to start the second color though. I'm great at brioche in one color but I can't for the life of me understand the whole two-toned thing. Everything I try ends up looking insane and breaking up the weave pattern.


7:42 AM  

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