Saturday, March 18, 2006

Good Morning Gentle Reader

And today, reader's only you will be, there are no unique photos. Sorry, my camera battery is apparently dead. I will, therefore, keep this brief, I know that I am not the wittiest, or most interesting of writers.

Had my camera been working I would be posting photos of this knitting bag that my parents gave me as an early birthday present. It is the Jordana Paige, Knitter's Satchel and I love it. There would have been a picture of the outside pocket which contains slots for all my individual notions. My bag is blue. Alas, I can not share with you the details of my bag with my belongings in it.

Had my camera been working I would have posted photos of the Malabrigo merino that I bought at Newbury Yarns, for about $1.00 more for the 2 skeins than I would have paid had I bought them at Wild and Wooly in Lexington the day before. I also would have shown you photos of the Spring/Summer VK that I also bought at Newbury Yarns. Had I not bought the VK I also would not have bought the Malabrigo, but once the debit card is out, why not buy yarn too? Christine, you were right, the skirt is the knitted item. The Malabrigo I bought is now designated for the Urban Necessity Mittens. My quest for the perfect mitten continues.

Finally, had my camera been working I would have shown you the progress on my Rogue Cardigan and the scalloped edging that I put onto my first finished wrist warmer. Unfortunately that is not to be, at least not today.

Hmm, looking back I wasn't so brief after all, I guess it is impossible to shut a lawyer up. Enjoy your day!


Blogger Christine said...

So is there anythign worthwhile in the new VK?

9:55 PM  

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