Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Thinking About the Next Project

I just bound off my second sleeve for Vittadini, and such events always get me thinking, "I deserve to start a new project." Never mind that I still haven't blocked or seamed Vittadini and I've still got Birch, Chill, my mom's afghan and a couple of Christmas presents still on the needles. Well, lets forget all that, shall we? So I have three candidates.

1. Kyoto from knitty. When I first saw this project, I KNEW I had to make it. I thought it was such an incredibly original and beautiful design. So, months ago I bought Classic Elite Bamboo with large enough quantities to make it. But then I read various blogs describing how fricking BORING this sweater is to knit, so I got scared off. Then, over the months, other projects have taken priority, but Disentangled's beautiful product has reinspired me. I tried to take the photo using the colors in the arrangement that they'd be in the sweater to give you an idea.

2. Under the Hoodie. I plan on making this one out of Cotton-Ease (one of my fav yarns...I have at least 100 skeins in the garage, including Strawberry Cream, Ice Blue and Vanilla). I haven't totally decided on the layout yet, but I'll probably use Blueberry for the main color, Ice Blue for the lighter stripe, and perhaps Bubblegum or Strawberry Cream for the contrasting stripe.

3. Airisag. This is probably my favorite pattern that Knitty has ever published. Why didn't it fly right onto the needles immediately, you ask? The answer is simple. The ribbing. Size 1 needles. Nuff said. But I can do it right? The lace pattern looks so interesting and beautiful, and the sweater is the perfect weight for SoCal winters (such as they are - hey, don't laugh. It was 40 degrees when I left for school yesterday). I already have the yarn (THAT I did right away). It's Elann's Peruvian Collection Baby Silk. I loved the colors used by the designer so much that I decided to be totally unoriginal and simply copy her.

So, this is basically the decision I'm trying to make. I have this morning to do a little knitting, so whether I work on a WIP or something new remains TBD. I'll let you know on Friday.

In personal news, I took my Aerodynamics final yesterday morning. After basically making myself ill all weekend with stress, hardly eating a thing because everything either made me nauseas or sick, and after enduring so much stress that I brought on cramps so bad, they made me cry, it's over! As soon as the test was over, I was ravenous. I ate a cheeseburger and had a black forest shake and went to the movies. I saw Walk the Line, which is really good by the way. What an amazingly romantic love story. Anyway, I think the test went fine...I might be able to squeak out an A-/B+, but I won't get my hopes up. AND the prof served to confuse matters further by telling me that I absolutely should go to UCSD instead of SDSU for graduate school. Just when I had made up my mind, too. Damn!


Blogger bitterknitter said...

You shouldn't let ribbing on size 1 needles or other people's opinion that something is boring deter you from making a project. I've done ribbing on size 1s, it isn't bad. I like to knit things that other people think are boring. Sometimes a boring project is needed!

Good luck with whichever you decide! I love to cast on for new projects.

1:33 PM  
Blogger wenders said...

I agree with Emily - I see 'boring' projects as a chance to pay attention to details and to think about the actual act of knitting. And I knit Under the Hoodie - it's a great 'watch TV' project. :)

1:57 PM  
Blogger Disentangled said...

Well, I guess you know the one I'd vote for ;-)

Actually, I've been itching to make that hoodie as well.

I usually let the yarn decide for me. I touch the ones I'm picking from and let my hands tell me which one feels the best that day.

Good luck with your decision. It looks like you are going to be happy with whichever you decide :-)

9:41 PM  

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