Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Gray Day

The snow was falling lightly in Boston as I waited for my morning bus. Not enough snow to give the city a magical winter wonderland look, only enough to give the day an overcast gray gloom. The morning commuters, largely business people, seemed to uniformly be wearing black, or dark brown. It is winter in Boston and away go the bright cheery colors and out comes the uniform. To be certain there were flecks of red among the people out at 7:30 am, there was also some yellow, but compared to the morning "masses" they were few and far between. I myself, was wearing boring brown and have black pants on, I am afraid that I am one of the masses. The cold is also in the air and I have pulled out my knits, a blue big wool scarf 2x as long as I am, by baby grande alpaca mittens, which still haven't fulfilled my quest, and a brown big wool hat.

Last night I gave some serious thought to pulling an all nighter, working my heart out and finishing my Tea Shawl, and blocking it. Then I would have something exciting and, hopefully, fabulous to post. Alas, sensibility kicked in. An all nighter, for knitting purposes, would be very bad for my career. I have a client who should be walking in momentarily, and I have other work that needs my well rested brain to be done correctly. I decided, sensibly, to go to be at about 9:30, so my shawl is not yet done, and since a photo wouldn't look that different from the last one I posted, I am not going to put one up.

I have been plugging away regularly on my second sock, and it is about 3 inches away from the starting point to the toe. Unfortunately, I am tempted by the fruits of another, tempted but the truth is discovered, what's been going on...sorry for the 80's song interruption. A seductive sock is drawing my attention away from this boring ribbed, man's second sock and being drawn toward the embossed leaves sock from the current Interweave, which I picked up from Circles. I have some knitpicks sock yarn, and I have the directions, I should cast on immediately, right?

I am also tempted to buy some knitpick merino style and try making the Pearl Buck inspired swing coat. I can get enough yarn to make the jacket in my size for under or around $30! Who cares that I have NO money, that I have to buy the yarn to make my father a scarf, and knit it before xmas, that I have to buy the yarn and make my mother a table runner, and knit it before xmas, that I have to finish the stupid second sleeve for my grandmother's sweater before xmas, that I have other gifts to buy for people, yada yada yada. I WANT to try making that sweater!
Again, work intrudes, till next time, knit in peace!


Blogger bitterknitter said...

So many things to knit before x-mas. Good luck! I totally have the uniform down, most of what I wear is black (add a green or purple scarf for color and I'm good to go).

10:05 AM  
Blogger Christine said...

Perhaps suspicion of that A-line will keep your credit card reigned in for a while...

10:35 AM  
Blogger wenders said...

I love those socks - they're by the woman who keeps the Knit Strickt! blog. :) And, all nighters on a Monday sets you up for a hard week. :)

12:54 PM  
Anonymous Melissa said...

Thanks for reminding me why I moved away from Boston to San Diego! (I do miss Boston, tho)

9:31 PM  

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