Tuesday, November 04, 2008

First Tuesday in November

Here in the US that means that it is election day! I made sure to vote very first thing in the morning. It took me about 3x as long to vote this year as it usually does. I am not complaining (it only took 15 minutes), I think that this is a sign that voter turnout is going to be better than predicted. There were only 2 contested races on my ballot (plus 3 initiatives) and 3 uncontested/unopposed races, so if turnout is this high in my little section of Boston, I can only imagine what it is like elsewhere.
Because I am feeling cheerful and optimistic, I am sharing a rainbow that I saw last Tuesday. I had a rough couple days (I was very angry with my partner) then I saw this on my way into the city.

Oh, E, the "face" is the reflection of a P on a parking pass that is on the ledge beneath my windshield.

Now, for real knitting content:

A non-surprise gift. It was selected, and requested, by the recipient, a fellow knitter. Not showing the pattern here, just giving a taste of what my home knitting has been. There is ALOT of this.


Blogger Yarnhog said...

I voted. My husband voted. Nothing left to do but watch and wait.

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