Thursday, February 14, 2008

Another Day of Hodge Podge

Celtic Icon continues, though it is moving slowly. I have finished the first sleeve up to the raglan shaping. Before starting the raglan shaping I need to visit a raglan shaping calculator to make sure that I do my decreases right--for those that know these things, does raglan shaping on sleeves always match the shaping on the body of the sweater?

I know have the body done, some of the hood (the cabled section) and 3/4ths of one sleeve. Hopefully, I will have an actual sweater before too much longer.

During some time that I should have been working on my sweater, I finished the second of my herringbone mitts. I am very pleased with these. They are shorter than I have been making wristwarmers, but that seems to be ok. I have also managed to end them at the point where I can still knit with them on, so that is a very good thing. I wore them all yesterday and have had them on since I left my apartment today. In the center of my hands is a sock that I started yesterday. I needed a travel project, the sweater is too big.


Anonymous gay said...

socks are perfect travel projects but i don't like making them anymore. for now anyway. i find scarves to be good too until they get too long but the chevron scarf i am making now is long and is still a good travel project as it it so light weight, the yarn is sock yarn. my next travel project will be a pair of fingerless itts i think.

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