Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Slow, Steady Progress

No new FO's to show, just progress on a few WIP's. I finished the back of Reid, and as is true with all lace, it looks nasty until I block it. It's not what I'd call an easy lace pattern, but it's not super challenging either. It's a 16-row, 10 stitch repeat, so sort of middle of the road I guess. It makes for interesting knitting at least, and the chart is different for all of the pieces. Hopefully, there shouldn't be too much lace fatigue with this one. Beats working on a repetitive shawl, that's for sure.

I've already broken two of my rules regarding Reid. One was to have the back finished by Sunday night, but that didn't happen. The other was to work on it every day. I didn't work on it at all yesterday and instead, resurrected Pomatomus. I never did figure out how to pick up the gusset stitches using magic loop, so I just did it on dpn's and then transferred it to the circular needle. Seems to have worked out OK, and now I'm through one repeat of Chart B. I'm really looking forward to finishing these socks because I think they're going to be really beautiful. The yarn (Koigu) is truly amazing stuff. After they're done, I get to try my hand at Hedera from the Spring knitty.

Ribby Shell continues along - I'm one and a half inches below the armhole shaping. I'm not really liking the fabric that this gauge is creating, even though it's the recommended gauge for the yarn. I've always knitted ribbing more loosely than stockinette (is this something everyone does?) so it's coming out without much structure. We'll see - I'm withholding final judgment until the project is completed. No ripping and reknitting taking place here.


Blogger wenders said...

Hiya - Ribbing is typically looser than stockinette, which is why a lot of patterns have you knit the ribbing on needles one or two sizes smaller than the rest of the peice...

The socks look AWESOME. Totally on my 'must knit' list.

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