Thursday, December 15, 2005

No clever title for today

Hello everyone. It is absolutely freezing here. The kind of cold that sucks the years right off your life. The kind of cold that makes you just want to stay curled up under your flannel sheets, in bed. A lousy day for waiting for a bus and commuting to work via public transportation. The worse part of this cold is that it isn't even officially winter yet, so I am a bit afraid of what this will mean for the months ahead.

Apparently my brain has decided to begin its vacation a week before my body does. I own a car, which I leave at work, rather than parking in the city. I need to use my car today for work. I have brilliantly managed to leave my only car key in my apartment, in the city, now I am going to have to borrow my boss's Volvo, lucky me.

Enough with the babbling, here is some knitting news:
I have already fallen behind on my table runner schedule. I wanted to do 10 rows a day, so I should be at row 50, instead I am only at row 41. I am not actually panicking yet though. I do have a large chunk of time on Saturday, while I am baking 6 dozen cookies (1 flavor only, for a cookie swap) and in the evening when I go over to Circles. On Saturday I will also be going to A Good Yarn and buying the yarn to make my dad's scarf, which should take no time to do, and going to the kpixie trunk show, which should be fun. Sunday Emily and I are going to brunch and knitting (though probably not both at the same time), so that should be another large chunk of knitting time. Oh, I have to buy my grandfather a gift, and both partners at my firm ones too...guess I will do that Saturday somehow.

I have finished the navy blue ribbed socks I was making and given them to the recipient, they fit him! Yeah! No picture of that though, sorry, but they were only plain boring navy ribbed socks, not really picture worthy.

Finally, before I bought my mother's yarn I managed to get done the back of my Lace and Tuck Sweater up to where the yoke starts (it is on a stitch holder for now) and I have gotten a good bid of the front done as well. This sweater seems to be knitting up very fastly. It is also very open, so clearly will have to be worn over a shell of some sort.

I guess that is all the news that fit to print (or not fit to print) for now. Have a good one!


Anonymous Lissy said...

I'm getting wiped out just listening to everything you have to do! ;) And the awesome part is, you're really going to do it all. My hero.

3:01 PM  

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