Thursday, November 17, 2005

Big Headedness

Apparently I have a big head. Given the fact that I am a lawyer, I know that there is a joke in there somewhere, and not very far away either. I followed Lissy suggestion and undid my binding off and re-bound off using needles 3 sizes larger than I used to knit the collar. The collar used size 7, so I used my size 10 needles. After finishing I very anxiously proceeded to try to tug the sweater on (I didn’t really tug, after all, I who tugs their hand-knits?) no luck, at all. The damned thing still wouldn’t go over my head. So, like I said I must have a big head. Since I know understand that I have a big head, I would like to apologize to the woman who sat behind me at the Chestnut Hill movie theater for the movie Walk on the Moon (or something like that, good flick by the way, whatever it is actually called). The woman complained throughout the movie about the size of my head, at the time, I thought she was simply an obnoxious bitch, now however…but, I digress. Not being one to give up I undid my binding off yet again and bound off for the 3rd fricken time, this time using size 11 needles. Well…Ta Da!!!!!!!!!

I think that this is how I will wear the sweater, with this dress, do you think it works? It took awhile for me to get a picture where my head wasn't completely cut off or my side wasn't cut off, so I was getting a little goofy.

Tomorrow I head down to PA, via bus, to go to my grandfather’s surprise birthday party. He is turning 85. I decided yesterday that I should knit him a scarf as a present. Then I decided that he wouldn’t wear a scarf. Now, I don’t know what to do, I am thinking that perhaps a scarf for a b-day present isn’t necessary (after all I am going down to PA (see, there is an example of my big head)) but perhaps for x-mas. I will have to ask my mother about this one.

In other knitting news, the cuff for my second ribbed sock is done. My mother’s sleeves are further along, I haven’t felt like working on my VK shawl, and my Tea Shawl is on hold while I try to get the sock, my grandmother’s sleeve, and my mother’s sleeves done. Would it be very bad of me to start a sweater for myself? I already have the yarn in my stash? I may have to bring a skein or two down to PA so that if I get bored with grandmom’s sleeve, I have something to work on, my socks will not be traveling since my dpns frequently take flight.

Finally, last night my North End S'nB group met and afterwards Wendy, Mara, Emily and I went to try taking some photographs of the full moon with the Old North Church Steeple. Apparently, Wendy and I forgot to cc the moon on our emails discussing the plans, because the moon did not show up. Mara and I did both get a ghost moon shot, which when we saw the images on our cameras we thought it could have been the moon (even though there was absolutely NO moon visible. Here is our ghost moon, what do you think? Interestingly the pictures that looked overexposed on my camera do not look nearly so overexposed on my computer screen, there is still definitely over exposure. I will have to remember that for the future.


Blogger knitcake said...

Your sweater looks absolutely lovely. I believe a tight bind off on the neck is a common problem, and do not believe it has anything to do with your head. I will download my photos of the church tonight to see if the ghost moon is still there and put them on flickr for all to see

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