Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Knitting Progress?

Right now I am juggling 3 active projects, 2 sweaters and one lace shawl (I, of course, have several projects that are languishing for now). The biggest needles that I am using are Addi 3s. I am enjoying each of the projects, but it doesn't feel that any of them are moving very quickly

When I am at home, in my apartment, I am generally choosing to work on the sweater to the left. This is a Reynolds Whiskey pattern being made with Brown Sheep Nature Spun sport weight yarn. This isn't very portable because the main color is on a cone. This is my first sweater cone experience, and so far I am enjoying it. I love the fact that there won't be many ends to weave in. One thing that surprises me though is that despite being nearly done the back, I don't feel that I have made a dent on the cone.

For my commute to and from work I have Jezabel, being made with Freedom Spirit, DK, Air colorway. You may remember that I am going to be modifying the pattern so that it has a V neck instead of the high mock turtle neck. I am nearly at the point where I will be dividing the front to make my V, only about another 3/4" of to go!

My final active project if my vacation lace stole, the Forest Path Stole. I haven't abandoned the project simply because I am home. This isn't commuting with me, and has to compete with the Whiskey sweater for home knitting attention. It fairs relatively well in that competition, I do start to get tired of Whiskey, and the lace is a perfect foil for the colowork. I actually feel like I am making decent progress with this. I am completely enjoying combining entrelac and lace work and I can not repeat often enough that I LOVE the yarn. I am not looking forward to the seed stitch border, but I will choose not to think of that right now.

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Blogger Siercia said...

Lovely projects, all of them!

11:50 AM  
Anonymous Cora said...

I love how whiskey is turning out! I might need to find that pattern. The more I see it progressing the more I like it. The lace is gorgeous too, what a pretty color.
Do you have problems with the Freedom coming apart? I think it's because I continental and therefore untwist the yarn a bit when I knit, causing it to seperate. Just wondering if it's me or if I had a bad ball.

12:24 PM  

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