Wednesday, March 22, 2006

More About the Accident

When I added the sentence or two to my post on Tuesday, it hadn't really sunk in that I had my foot run over. When I woke up on Wednesday, there wasn't any more pain, but the facts of the situation really hit me. I was hit by a car. I bought a large coffee for my colleague, stepped into the cross walk and a large car ran over my foot, but saying that doesn't convey all of the facts, the car started to run over my foot, I shouted the car stopped. On my foot. I had the tire of a large car resting on my left foot. The driver did take immediate steps to rectify that, she backed up (I was gesturing fanatically at her to back up). This wasn't a case of me jaywalking, or crossing against the light. The driver was trying to turn right on red. Had it been left to me, at that moment, there would have been no police involvement and I would just have been brought back here, to my office. From there I had no clue what the next step would be.

Fortunately for me, the police annex is right up the street from the accident scene and an officer came out of the annex saw the stopped car, me sitting down, and came over to find out what happened. He took over. He called the ambulance and the police. I was joking around and making light of things. Even as I was being hoisted into the ambulance I still couldn't believe what happened, surely nothing bad could have happened, surely the large vehicle that came to a stop on my foot, which cut a gash into my Uggs, surely it only bruised my toes right? After all, I was able to wiggle them.

I had no cell phone on me, and worse still, no knitting! After all, I had only left the office to get coffee, who needs their cell phone and knitting for coffee? Hours later I learned that my toe is broken in "several" locations, including one break near a joint. I had a referral to an orthopedist (didn't realize that meant orthopedic surgeon until later). During the whole time I was in the hospital I was acting like it was no big deal, after all, it is just a toe. I even went back into the office. I also stayed for a 6:30 appointment because I didn't want to cancel at that last moment, it seemed to be too large of an inconvenience for the prospective clients. What in God's name was I thinking?! I never even asked how long I would be on crutches, or when I could put weight on it. I know I have been moving around more than I should, but what am I to do?

On Wednesday I woke up and the situation hit me anew. I am on crutches. I can't carry anything up my stairs unless it is on my back. I am going to have to figure out how to manage the crutches, the stairs, laundry, groceries, or trash all at the same time. I don't know if it will only be this way until Friday, when I see the ortho, or if I am going to have this last for weeks. I have never before broken a bone. I had wanted to start training on my bike on April 1st, I feel fairly confident saying that won't happen. I had wanted to go hiking on my birthday in late April, I don't know if that is possible. I don't know if I will be able to hobble from my apartment to the bus stop or if I will have to take a cab. I have to be careful how I sleep at night, how I get into bed, how I shower, how I cover my foot with blankets.

I want to be home in my apartment, sleeping in my bed, using my stuff. Instead I am still dog sitting. Where I am staying is more convenient to work, and I have been getting rides to and from the office. I probably couldn't if I were going home, but still, like a wounded animal I want to seek solace and shelter in my own den.


Blogger Disentangled said...

I still can't believe your toe was run over! I'm really glad the police got involved because it sounds like you are going to have some medical bills to claim. Hopefully, the person who did it has plenty of insurance. Man, what a pain! And the emergency room with no knitting! That has to be the worst part ;-)

Take care, rest up and get well soon!

12:55 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

I've seen your stairs. Them with crutches? Egad.

1:01 PM  
Blogger bitterknitter said...

Ouch again! I'm glad the police guy was there and I hope your appt goes well tomorrow.

And how awful to not have any knitting with you :(

1:09 PM  
Anonymous Kris said...

Glad the police were there to help take care of it - hope your appointment with the orthopedist leads you to a short recovery.

1:44 PM  
Anonymous Amanda Cathleen said...

ooooohhhhh my!!! I hope the Ortho. Dr has good news for you. I'm sending warm thoughts, and well wishes your way! Take care

7:57 PM  
Anonymous Dave Johnston said...

Wow, lucky you that you didnt break your foot. Sounds fun though, can you drive over my foot Jeanette??? :-)

3:17 AM  

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