Thursday, January 26, 2006

KNITTING GENERALS WARNING: The knitting content of this post is low. The following paragraph(s) constitute an off topic whine. In an attempt to alleviate the low knit quantity knitting photos have been randomly place. For actual knitting content please skip to the end of this post. Thank you.

Last night as I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep while my mind went over some firm management thoughts I realized that at some point I have lost part of who I am, and the part that seemed to be missing was a part only relatively recently discovered (like past 10 years). Let me back track. I grew up in PA, near Philly, and moved to Boston to go to law school. While in law school I started to branch out and to spread beyond my PA self that had been basically living up to expectations but not considering my own wants, needs, etc. My PA self was someone who decided in Jr. high that I wanted to be a lawyer, and told everyone that that was what I wanted to be and blindly set of to become that. In Boston I started to realize that that had been a path that ignored all other possibilities. In Boston I became a person who got her belly button pierced, who took midnight trips up to Freeport, ME to go to LL Bean (K's doing really), who blew off studying for a test to see Mars Attacks, who planned a trip to London on like a months notice (again K's doing), and who got a tattoo. By West coast standards nothing exceptional there, but by east coast, particularly New England standards, someone who was a bit quirky. Around this point in time I also took up photograph, and LOVED it. Loved the magic of the darkroom especially. Now that seems to be gone from my life. My 4x5 camera has gone dusty and my film and chemicals have gotten old. The spontaneity is also gone from my life. I have fallen into a rut and don't' know what to do about it. I am bored. There is nothing that makes me any different now from the staid New Englanders who have lived here their whole life. I MUST do something about this, but the question is what to do?

KNITTING CONTENT: Enough whine, now to explain the photos as you can see from the first picture, I have finished the left front of my jacket! From the next picture you can see that I started the right front. The yarn pictured is my knitpicks merino style for the Knitting Olympics. Those photos don't really do it justice, the darker color is pretty, but I don't know if you can fully see the lighter color in it's true splendor. It is a color that you almost have to pull the sunglasses out to look at. Here are the two colors together. You get a better sense, perhaps, of the brightness of the lighter color. I think that I now know where the color magicians from Lion Brand cotton-ease when after Lion Brand decided to discontinue the yarn. They went over to knitpicks to spread their fabulous color magic (read sarcasm into this sentence).


Blogger Christine said...

Ohmygodyarn. I need yarn! (Can you tell I'm waiting for payday?)

I am also in a rut. I am fixing it by doing whatever the hell I frickin' want as much as possible. I am Id!

I am too caffeinated.

11:05 AM  
Anonymous Lissy said...

I always say, "to thine own self be true" (because that's what my Mom always used to say). Another Mom-ism is "nothing ventured, nothing gained." Ergo, I live a quirky life, have a completely unconventional relationship, horde books and magazines like an OCD, wear showy rhinestoned glasses, and generally don't give a f*ck who likes it and who doesn't. I think the key is not to do things outrageously just for the sake of change, but to do what pleases you. If you need further counseling, my mom, Franky, is always on standby! She is the original horse of a different color (not that she actually resembles one, but you dig what I'm saying?). ;)

3:06 PM  
Blogger Daimere said...

I love yarn. It's cheap, feels great, and pretty!

1:04 AM  
Anonymous Allison said...

OK, gotta jump in on the "what to do?" question. I've been in the rut before- the "I used to be a creative individual and something went wrong along the way...." rut. And the best way I have found to get myself out of it is to try new things. Try an art form you haven't tried before- like working with clay or painting or blowing glass. Or try an activity you haven't tried before- something that will put you in a new space with new people. Frind little ways to vary your routine- eat at different restaurants, walk on the other side of the street, anything to change your daily routine. it will give you a new perspective and will get your creative juices flowing!

3:32 PM  

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