Saturday, January 21, 2006


Unfortunately, I've had no celebrity sightings on this coast, nothing near K's exciting events has happened here.

I did learn last night that 3 skeins of Aurora 8 is not enough to finish the left front of my hooded jacket. The back took about 5 skeins, so I thought 3 would be enough, but I guess the fact it is double breasted made that not happen. I started my neck shaping and my arm hole shaping then BAM! the yarn was gone, I have no more. The rest of my yarn is sitting in Circles waiting to be bought. I stilll have a lot of the front to do, the red lines are approximately the outline of what is left, I overlaid the front on the back so that I could see how very much is left. While working on this jacket I did something I don't usually do. I read parts of the pattern early! I am one of those knitters who believes a pattern is like a good book, you ruin the surprise by reading ahead. Unfortunately this philosophy has cost me in the past when out of the blue there is that dreaded phrase "At the same time" but after being caught off guard twice or so I have gotten to the point where I know when I have to look beyond the next sentence. This time I went beyond that. The jacket has a hood. I have never made a hood before so I was curious about it's composition, so I read the hood instructions. They have you make the hood as a separate piece and sew it on. Additionally, they have you pick up stitches around the neck only to immediately bind them off, I assume this is to make attaching the hood easier. There must be a way to just pick up the stitches and make the hood. I detest seeming, and will do anything to reduce my seaming. I have already decided to do the shoulders as a 3 needle bind off rather than seem them. Since I haven't made a hood before I am doing a "draft" hood today to see if I can figure out why it is seamed together instead of what seems to be a better method of just knitting it to the jacket. It could be as simple as this being a VK pattern and therefore not very technically sophisticated. Wish me luck!

Meanwhile I am still making some occasional progress on Fichu. It is hard to say how far along I am because I will do more repeats than the pattern calls for, possibly as many as I can get from the 3 skeins of Misti alpaca that I have.

It looks like it could be a lovely day today. I think I may stroll over to the MFA (art museum) and wander a bit. Have a great weekend everyone!


Blogger Christine said...

Maybe the hood itself may not need to be separate pieces, but it might be worthwhile to cast off the neck?

I was reading the Knitting Curmudgeon yesterday and one of her recent posts talked about how she was attatching the hood of a sweater to the body - she cast off the stitches, then picked them up. She said she did this so that the back and hood could be defined separately, and also because it makes the hood lay better on the back.

10:23 AM  
Anonymous Lissy said...

hi, Jeanette. Next time you want to go to the MFA, stop by my place and pick up my membership card. Then you can get in free, AND get a discount at the shop and caff.

I'm intimidated by hoods, so you're my roll model once again. Good luck!

5:55 PM  

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