Tuesday, January 17, 2006

It's A Bird, No, It's a Plane, No, It's SuperKnitter (a/k/a the woman with no life)

Ah, the progress to report...
First on the hooded jacket front, (or back actually), when I last wrote I had just received the Karabella Gossamer that I needed to go any further on the back and had put in my contrasting colors, but was undecided if I liked it. After that I knit up a storm. I knit all day Saturday, went over to Circles where I continued to knit up a storm by Sunday I had this:
This is the completely finished back to my hooded jacket! Also had only 3 skeins in of Aurora 8 in my possession, so wanted not to go through them too quickly, and therefore didn't cast on for the front immediately. The pattern changes that I am making so far are: 1) provisional cast on rather than 2 rows of garter in CC and 2) placing shoulder stitches to holders so that I can do a 3 needle bind off for the shoulders instead of seaming them. I hate seaming. I think that after I seam the fronts to the back I will then do the 2 rows of garter around the entire thing, hopefully this will solidify my side seams.
Next, onto MaryElla, I really thought that MaryElla would languish with my hooded jacket to be worked on, but there were times when my living lap blanket (a/k/a Isis) sat on my lap and started to purr just as a skein was ending. What is a girl to do? I couldn't kick here off my lap, so I had to switch to something that was near me, something like MaryElla. As a result, MaryElla is done! Yesterday I made a trip over to Windsor Button and bought the ribbon in the center, I took Christine's suggestion there, and some snaps then I did put the finishing touches that you see here. An additional pix is in my FO gallery if you are interested.
Next, how can a knitter reasonably be expected to go to a yarn store and not buy at least one skein? I think the answer is obvious, she can't be expected to leave yarnless. Well, I did not leave Windsor Button yarnless. I bought one skein of Plymouth Baby Grande Alpaca, in the same color as the mittens that I made last fall, and set forth to make a hat. For the pattern I chose the Trapper Hat (#7) from the Winter, 2006 VK that just came out. The hat knit up remarkably quickly and now, I have a brand new hat! I may tink some of it and make it a little longer, but I am not positive that I will do that.
Next, Ethereal Fichu. Remember that I was uncertain about how I liked it? The pattern wanted you to use size 6 needles, which I thought created way too loose a look, so I was using size 0. Well after getting about 2 1/3 of repeats done I decided it was too dense. I am using Misti Alpaca Lace, which I have already learned doesn't tink well. I decided that since I wasn't liking it on the 0 I might as well try it on my size 3 needles, so I just took all the stitches off the 0, cut the yarn and cast on with the 3s. On the left is size 0, on the right size 3, I think I made the right decision, and this way I won't have to work on this shawl for nearly as long. I now have 2 repeats done, I will probably end up doing more repeats than the pattern calls for so that I can get it to a size I want.

Finally, back where we started, last night I cast on for the left front of the Hooded Jacket, no picture to show, I have gotten to about the point that I was at on the back in my Saturday post.

That covers my progress for the weekend. Not bad, huh?
K and I are both thinking of taking up the Yarn Harlot's Olympic challenge, so now I just have to think of an appropriate challenge, any suggestions?


Blogger Christine said...

The Olympic Challenge sounds very intriguing. When is the Olympics, anyway? (Just a tad out of touch.)

What projects are you planning to chose from?

10:45 AM  
Blogger bitterknitter said...

Maryella looks great and I can't wait to see the finished jacket, it will look great on you! I think going with the size 3 on the lacy-thing was a good choice, it does look better.

I'm considering the olympic challenge as well, maybe y'all can help me figure out something tomorrow nite. There are about 2 weeks to decide.

11:40 AM  
Anonymous Lissy said...

I applaud your prodigious knitting abilities. I have been resting a sore arm, and have almost nothing to show for the last week or so. So I am living vicariously through you.

1:54 PM  

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