Monday, December 19, 2005

Airisaig knitalong anyone?

Yesterday, I decided to do a search on the Internet to look at photos of people's completed Airisaig sweaters. All I could find was about 2 inches of progress on one sleeve that someone had posted. So, it got me thinking, perhaps people would be interested in a knitalong. In January, I'm going to be making Picovoli and Under the Hoodie (also an informal knitalong if anyone's interested), so this project would probably get started in February or March. Please take the poll to let us know if you'd be interested in doing it. I'll close the voting on January 1 and post the results.

Do you want to participate in a knitalong for Airisaig?


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In other news, I've made decent progress on Joe's laptop bag. I'm posting my progress in the sidebar. Basically I've got a status bar for what I should have knitted by today and what I actually have knitted. The knitting has to be completed by Thursday, so the race is on! A friend from the Knit Salon is making the alpaca throw from Last Minute Knitted Gifts for her husband, and she's in a similar boat because it's a surprise, so it's nice to have someone suffering through this with me. Her project is, obviously, much more enormous and, by the way, $380 retail! Can you believe that?! I wanted to make that throw, but I don't know now. Maybe if I bought the yarn in small batches.

I also decided to start another hat for Joe to use up some stash yarn. I knit him a scarf in this yarn last winter when he was in Iraq, and I had a ball leftover. It's right up his alley, too, considering he's a marine. The scarf was seriously fugly, because it was seed stitch and this yarn (Soho by Debbie Bliss) is WAY too busy for that stitch. However, in stockinette stitch, it looks amazingly like a pair of cami's. Joe will probably look really cool wearing this around the base. He tried it on last night and it fits nice and snug (yay!) so, if I don't run out of yarn, this should become a favorite.

Don't forget to vote about the knitalong (and let me know if anyone wants to make Under the Hoodie - that will start in Jan.)


Anonymous Melissa said...

You know... the Arisaig is tempting, but I have a lot on my to-do list. We'll see. But if you want a Picovoli KAL, join the Sexy Knitters Club ( we are doing a KAl for that starting the 1st.
Also, I will definitely have to try to make the Knit Salon... maybe the one the first week of January!

1:00 PM  
Blogger wenders said...

What is the camo yarn? I have a few friends that would LOVE that (those friends married to marines...)

1:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kristen,

You told me to check out your spot, and I did! Thanks for the address. You've got me thinking about the KAL. I saw that pattern on Knitty and fell in love with it. But you know me, I'm worried I won't actually finish it.

Talk soon!

10:19 PM  
Blogger Disentangled said...

Congrats on the bag progress and the cute kitty bed. They look great!

Keep up the pace - you can do it! :-)

11:29 AM  

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