Saturday, September 05, 2009

Vacation, Long Beach Island, NJ

As a child my family went to LBI pretty much every summer. I don't remember how long we ever stayed, but LBI set my expectations for the beaches. As a child I was envious of my friends who got to go to Wildwood, after all, Wildwood had the boardwalk. LBI was simply beaches, ocean, and bay, now that I am an adult, I appreciate the simplicity of waves, sand, and non-boardwalk tourist traps. My family continues to visit LBI each summer, I do not. This year I decided to join the extended family for one week down the shore. I've returned tanned, but not ready to resume the stress of work (who ever is?).
Barnegat Lighthouse (probably the first lighthouse I had ever seen)

An entrance to a section of the shore:I was happy to return to Boston, and my kitty was probably even happier. I did some knitting while at the shore, but not a lot. Most of my time was spent instead with my new toy, a Kindle.

I hope that everyone enjoys this long weekend!


Blogger Diana said...

The beach looks gorgeous! I like how it's not too touristy - it's really hard to avoid that element here in Florida.

10:02 AM  

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