Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Modeled Nederland Vest

I took this photo at zero dark thirty and it's a self portrait, so the quality isn't there, but I think you get the idea.


Pattern: Nederland Vest from Fall 2008 Knitscene
Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca, 3 hanks of the main color and one each of the contrasting colors, purchased at Knitting in La Jolla
Size: I made the 38 1/2 because my gauge was different than the pattern called for
Needles: Size 6 for the ribbing and Size 7 for the body
Modifications: The ribbing called for 5's, but I couldn't find any and was anxious to cast on. I convinced myself it was OK because I didn't want the ribbing to pull in too much. I also decreased a lot more at the armhole because I noticed that some people's finished vests were too wide in the shoulders. I basically decreased until I had the same number of stitches as the smallest size. In retrospect, I could have done more. I also made the length proportions match my body so that the colorwork sat right beneath my bust.
Overall: I'm happy with it! It's my first successful fair isle project since my Deep V Argyle Vest didn't go so well. The fit is good and I like the colors. I wore it today with loafers for an 80's preppy flashback.

In terms of the personal, it hasn't been a good week for me health-wise. I had an emergency root canal on Saturday and I'm coming down with a cold right now. I seem to be fighting it off fairly successfully. I just need to hold out until the weekend when I can rest.


Anonymous marisa said...

Looks great!! I hope you feel better.

11:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about the root canal and cold! Plus, we missed you on Saturday. Hope you feel better soon!

Oh, and the vest is beautiful!

4:17 PM  

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