Thursday, December 29, 2005

On the Road Again

Soon I will be leaving lovely Allentown, PA and returning to Boston, MA. What this means is that I will no longer have large chuncks of weekday time to knit :-( and I will have to go back to work :-O! This morning I will just be packing up my car and hoping that there will be no cops on the roads from here to Boston, or at least that if they are around, they won't chose to pull me over. Guess that I will have to be extra careful going through NJ, reminder to self, lighten up on the lead foot!

I got a bit accomplished this week, the knitting on my grandmother's sweater is done, my mother's table runner is done, the front and back of my lace and tuck tunic are finished up to the yoke, and I have finished the first of the embossed leaves sock. I have made the embossed leaves sock using knitpicks Essential sock yarn in cocoa.

About this sock, there are a couple of things that in retrospect I would have changed. The heel is simply stockinette, I think I prefer the look of a heel where on the right side rows you slip every other stitch, creating a pseudo rib. Perhaps I will make that modification to the second sock. Also I think the toe is in the style of a star decrease, which I also don't love, I don't hate it either, but I would consider changing the toe, but wouldn't necessarily make a change. Of course, I could have made either of these changes to the first sock, but I wanted to be true to the pattern to see if there was a reason for the choices made. Overall, I do like the sock, and felt that, at least for me, it knit up quickly. I am considering making the second sock a different color. I don't have the other skein with me, but if you click on the knitpicks essentials link above, I also have the color "fawn" which is more brown than it appears on my monitor, and perhaps on yours as well. The question is, do I want to go traditional with matching color, or be bold and walk around with 2 different shades of brown socks that are a match only by the pattern of stitch used. Please leave me your opinion in the comments. In my next post I will let you know what I have decided.


Blogger Christine said...

I generally vote for matching socks by color.

I'm thinking of making those socks in Essentials, too! I just got a couple balls of emerald green in the mail.

I agree about prefering the heel stitch vs. stockinette.

9:18 AM  
Blogger wenders said...

Hi! We missed you last night. I actually like the idea of non-matching socks...check out this site if socks never needed to match, they'd never get lost, right?

And if you're knitting the pattern from the latest IWK, the author's blog is here and she addresses some of the comments she's gotten about the pattern:

Safe travels!

10:20 AM  
Blogger bitterknitter said...

The sock looks great, I love the color! You did get a lot of knitting done.

If you will wear socks that aren't quite the same color, then go ahead with the fawn color for the second. What I would do would be dependent upon my mood when it is time to cast on!

11:00 AM  
Anonymous Lissy said...

As I mentioned to you, I'm going to knit these socks in a purple Lorna's Laces yarn I got at the Kpixie trunk show. It's sort of blue-ish purple. I was nervous about the cast on, but I figured it out last night. Do you think it's worth the trouble to do the funky cast on? It's a P.I.A. Your sock looks marvelous. Matched or not, it will do your foot proud.

2:16 PM  

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